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 Our latest CG240 hydraulic drop hammer on test at BSP – arrives with us tomorrow, available for hire in 12ton, 14ton or 16ton drop weight configuration and capable of driving up 2020mm o/d tubular piles.

Watch this space to se...

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Woma W&H Sound Reduced Piling Water Jetters

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Woma UnitIntroduction

Developed by Watson & Hillhouse and Woma GB, the purpose of the high pressure water jetting unit is to enhance performance - particularly in dense granular soils - of hydraulic silent and vibration-free pile pressing machines, such as the Kowan Still Worker, and large high frequency vibrators. Productivity and flexibilty of use is considerably improved when used in conjunction with water jetting.

Dense granular strata can be successfully penetrated with the Kowan Still Worker when water jetting is used. In clay soils, low pressure jetting is sometimes used with the Kowan Still Worker to lubricate the pile and reduce friction.

A lance is fitted inside the pile pan and both are driven simultaneously into the ground. Once the required depth is reached the lance is removed and is ready for re-use. Normally at least two lances are used to maintain productivity.



 Please click here to download  technical specification sheet.