BUMA – Casing Oscillator – Tiny

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The tiny type casing oscillator is mounted onto a rotary drilling rig from which it can obtain power – although a separate power pack is recommended for efficiency.

It possesses less operating torque and extraction force and is designed to oscillate 1-2 metre diameter shafts in loose-light ground.  Typically used for marine structures, foundation piles and secant walls and since water is used for drilling, environmental concerns are minimized or totally eliminated using this technique.

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Machine Model
Casing Oscillator
Max. casing diameter m
Max. oscillating force ton.m
Max. lifting force ton
Lifting stroke mm
Max. clamping force ton
Casing oscillator ton
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Machine availability:
C1000T C1200T C1500T C2000T
1.0 1.2 1.5 2.0
145 222 228 305
99 129 201 243
320 400 450 450
64 101 157 183
6 8.5 12.5 17





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All dimensions are approximate and are subject to change. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions for a specific piece of equipment.

Used when ground conditions are so unstable that drilled holes cannot be stabilized safely with drilling slurry or where lose ground must be controlled. Casing can be a temporary or permanent steel pipe which provides a 100% stable excavation for the full length of the drilled shaft.

Models can: install only
  • Tube Piling Profile

    Tube Piles

If you need advice on what is the best configuration for your project then please contact us.
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If you are unsure about which machine is best for you please contact our experienced sales and hire team.