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Deep vibratory techniques using Vibroflots are generally known as vibro compaction and vibro replacement.  These hydraulically driven vibratory units – are normally suspended from a standard crawler crane and are used for densifying granular soils, as well as for realising stone columns.

Real-time data from a single or tandem set-up is displayed on the monitor and can be downloaded at any time to support service intervals and job reports.

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Our full sales range is shown in the table below. Scroll the table to view all models.

Machine Model
Eccentric Moment kgm
Rotation Speed rpm
Centrifugal Force kN
Amplitude (at tip) mm
Line Pull kN
Hydraulic Flow L/min
Max Hydraulic Pressure bar
Weight Vibroflot kg
Follower Tube kg
Lighting Head kg
Hose Guide kg
Width A mm
Diameter B mm
Diameter C mm
Length mm
Length Follower Tube (E) mm
Diameter Follower Tube (F) mm
Length Hose Guide (G) mm
Length Lifting Head mm
Min Total Length (D+G+H) mm
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Machine availability:
V180 V230
5.5 11
1800 1800
195 388
20 24
500 500
450 450
350 350
2580 3235
1900 1900
405 405
545 545
744 806
358 420
360 360
4956 5153
5500 5500
330 330
722 722
820 820
6498 6695



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All dimensions are approximate and are subject to change. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions for a specific piece of equipment.

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