Multi Tool Piling Leader

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Excavator mounted multi-tool piling leader providing a versatile solution.  Available with a wide range of piling equipment (tooling) from vibratory pile drivers, hydraulic double-acting piling hammers and/or hydraulic hammers to rotary drives for piling and pre-augering.

Designed to work off the auxiliary hydraulics of a standard excavator.


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  • Suitable for different site and soil conditions
  • Controlled with the MOVAX Control System (MCS ProL)
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Our full sales range is shown in the table below. Scroll the table to view all models.

Machine Model
Technical Specifications
Weight (approx. excl. tooling) kg
Height mm
Excavator Class t
Extraction Force kN
Crowd Force kN
Auxiliary Winch t
Vibratory Pile Driver kgm
Hydraulic Piling Hammer kNm
Pre-Augering kNm
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Machine availability:
MPL-200 MPL-300 MPL-400
1800 3900 7000
7.8 14 14
8-30 20-50 35-50
- 6 or 12 13 or 26
- 3 13
- 3 6
1.6 6 10
1200-3400 15/25 35.45
max 12/6 m max 50/12 m max 100/12m
Spec Spec Spec
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All dimensions are approximate and are subject to change. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions for a specific piece of equipment.

A versatile solution for a wide range of piling requirements in a variety of site and soil conditions, and for different types of piles and piling technologies

Models can: install only
  • Z Piling Profile

    Z Single Piles

  • U Piling Profile

    U Single Piles

  • H Beam Piling Profile

    H Piles

  • Tube Piling Profile

    Tube Piles

  • Timber/Concrete Piles

    Concrete Piles

If you need advice on what is the best configuration for your project then please contact us.
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Multi Tool Piling Leader

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