Ozkanlar – High Frequency EMV

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This range of hydraulic vibratory hammers is designed to be mounted directly on the dipper arm of excavators and powered by the hydraulic system of the excavator.  The hammer is then operated by the excavator driver, who has complete control of the piling job.

The simplicity of the operation is a key feature of these machines; the interchange from bucket or other tool to vibratory hammer is quick and straight forward, and they can be used to drive or extract piles without any modification. All machines in the OVR series are compact in design with low machine height providing additional sheet length.

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Our Benefits to you:
  • Piling Plant Regularly Serviced
  • Fully Maintained Piling Machinery
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Contract Maintenance for Piling Machinery
  • Modern Plant Equipment
  • Shield USP
  • Bespoke Configuration of Piling Machinery
  • Safety Concious - Piling Equipment
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Piling Equipment Tested Before Delivery
  • World Wide Delivery of Plant Machinery
  • Breakdown Callout for all Piling Machinery
  • Dedicated Support
  • Immediate Response
  • Quick and easy attachment to dipper arm
  • Increased driving performance with special suspension head
  • Simple operation using 'bucket tip section'
  • Full safety circuits
  • Automatic clamp adjustment
  • Very low height = additional sheet length
  • High pulling force
3 machines

Our UK and Ireland fleet contains the following models available for hire. Scroll the table below to view all models. We are also an exclusive distributor for this manufacturer and can offer an extended fleet which is available upon request.

Machine Model
Eccentric Moment kgm
Max Centrifugal Force kN
Max Frequency rpm
Max Amplitude mm
Max Static Line Pull kN
Max Oil Flow L/Min
Dynamic Weight kg
Total Weight kg
Length L mm
Height H mm
Height H1 mm
Height H2 mm
Width B mm
Width B1 mm
Width B2 mm
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Machine availability:
OVR S-40 OVR S-50 OVR S-60
3.66 4.68 6.25
303 403 518
2750 2750 2750
10.2 9.1 11.5
88 147 147
110 165 220
717 1072 1085
1008 1530 1542
950 1038 1038
1210 1300 1334
667 788 788
450 456 456
573 651 651
295 320 320
682 757 757




Hire Hire Used Hire

All dimensions are approximate and are subject to change. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions for a specific piece of equipment.

Specifically designed as pile driving and extracting attachments for excavators, these versatile piling hammers can install trench sheets, most sheet pile profiles, ‘H’, tubular, concrete and timber piles as well as CFA cages and are well suited to smaller piling jobs.

Models can: install and extract
  • Z Piling Profile

    Z Single Piles

  • Z Pair Piling Profile

    Z Double Piles

  • U Piling Profile

    U Single Piles

  • U Pair Piling Profile

    U Double Piles

  • H Beam Piling Profile

    H Piles

  • Straight Web Sections

    Straight Web Sections

  • Tube Piling Profile

    Tube Piles

  • Timber Piles

    Timber Piles

  • Timber/Concrete Piles

    Concrete Piles

  • Trench Sheet Piles

    Trench Sheets

  • Plastic Pile

    Plastic Piles

  • CFA Cage Piling Profile

    CFA Cages

Models can be fitted with:
  • Turning Plates
  • Sheet Clamp
If you need advice on what is the best configuration for your project then please contact us.
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