Our Movax SG-75V has been on hire to a job up north and, in a first for us, was fitted onto a short tail swing excavator.

The site consisted of a stone wall overflow spillway, built over 100 years ago, which was allowing water seepage from the reservoir behind it.  Specialist contractor, Sheet Piling (UK) was brought in to drive sheet piles next to the spillway stone walls to a greater depth than the spillway.  This was a challenging job as the stepped spillway was very narrow and had to be backfilled with material and smoothed off to even allow an excavator to get to the site.  Due to the fact that access was extremely tight, utilising a short tail swing excavator would allow it to slew and install piles on both sides of the spillway.  Therefore, we supplied a Volvo ECR355E 35 ton short tail swing excavator mounted with our Movax SG-75V.  In addition to the SG-75V, when some of the piles refused we supplied a Movax DH-25 excavator mounted impact hammer to carry out final driving.  This ensured that the whole operation could be undertaken by one excavator supported by tools from the Movax range providing significant savings on mobilisation/movement and space on site.