Sheet Piling (UK) have added a Euro stage IV compliant Still Worker ZU-100 to their pile pressing fleet and it has already been working at a number of projects in the UK.

As the name suggests, the ZU is capable of installing ‘Z’ (572 mm – 708 mm) and ‘U’ (600 mm – 750 mm) piles.  It has the innovative mast tilt/self-leveller – exclusive to Kowan, which makes for more accurate pile installation and is a real asset when working on a gradient.  It also boasts impressive features such as a press-in monitoring system which records pressing data (time/tonnages), a mast limiter protection system that enhances the life of the machine and safety features which mean no working at height.

Being virtually noise and vibration free the Still Worker can be operated close to buildings with limited impact on nearby residents.  Sheet Piling (UK)’s new acquisition has been working on just that kind of site’.