Specifically designed as pile driving and extracting attachments for excavators, these versatile piling hammers can install trench sheets, most sheet pile profiles, ‘H’, tubular, concrete and timber piles as well as CFA cages and are well suited to smaller…
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Crane Suspended Vibrators

These machines have a wide range of applications in driving and extracting sheet profiles, ‘H’, timber, concrete & tubular piles and CFA cages. On land, these adaptable machines can be modified to suit a range of non-piling applications such as soil…
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Hydraulic Drop Hammers

An economical solution for the installation of all types of steel, timber or concrete piles in either land or marine environments. The versatile design allows operation by crane suspension, from piling rigs or leaders and can be via an existing power source, or by…
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Pile Pressing

Pile pressing allows various sheet pile profiles and tubular piles to be installed into most soil types with very little, if no, vibration or noise that is normally associated with pile driving. Ideal for built up areas and pressing close to buildings.

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Water Jetters

Enhances performance of pile pressing machines and high frequency vibratory hammers, particularly in cohesive soils.

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Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs

Specifically designed for drilling large diameter tubular piles into rock with a strength of up to 250Mpa. Utilised in all types of construction projects where foundation piles have to be socketed into rock.

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Piling and Foundation Rigs

Foundation equipment to suit most piling and foundation requirements from CFA to bored piles. Ideal for the construction of foundations for buildings and other structures.

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Dredge Pumps

Dredge pumps are versatile pieces of equipment suited to small scale dredging operations in ports, harbours, canals or marinas.

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Suited to non-cohesive soils and used to densify the soil before creating cement or stone columnar piles. Vibroflotation (or vibrocompaction) is said to be one of the best methods of improving non-cohesive soils.

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Casing Oscillators

Used when ground conditions are so unstable that drilled holes cannot be stabilized safely with drilling slurry or where lose ground must be controlled. Casing can be a temporary or permanent steel pipe which provides a 100% stable excavation for the full length of…
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