Standard Configurations

All of our equipment can be configured to suit your needs. We can utilise various add-ons that can overcome many everyday challenges.

Extension Hoses

We are able to supply hose extensions in various sizes that will allow for a greater distance between the power pack and the hammer so there are no limitations on site.

Hydraulic Hammer Dolly Pile

If you have, for example, large tubular piles that are too big to go in the hammer guide a dolly pile can be attached to the bottom of the hammer to enable it to do the job regardless.

Hydraulic Hammer Pile Extension

The pile extension is a block placed between the head of the pile and the ram of the driver to form an extension to the length of the pile. This will allow, for example, piles to be driven underwater whilst hammer stays above the water.

Raking Sling Assembly

Cables or chain that are secured to the hammer at one end and the crane hook at the other, and customised to the appropriate lengths to enable the hammer to drive at a pre-determined angle (by prior arrangement with Watson & Hillhouse).

Sheet Clamp

A clamp that can be added to a hammer to enable it to drive and extract sheet piles, ’H’ piles and CFA cages.

Still Worker Jet Reel

The Jet reel is an additional piece of equipment that uses high pressure water jets to assist pile installation into stiff cohesive soils and dense granular soils, these bespoke jets developed specifically for pile pressing are fitted to the machine and synchronized with the press. The reel is fixed to the Still Worker to create a safer and more efficient method of assisting pile installation.

Still Worker Power Pack Crawler

The crawler is attached to the bottom of the power pack and enables it to be manoeuvred around site without the aid of a crane.

Timber Box Clamps

The clamps are attached to the gearbox of a crane suspended vibratory hammer to enable the driving and extracting of both timber and concrete piles.

Tube Clamps

Two clamps that can be attached to the gearbox of a crane suspended vibratory hammer in order to drive large diameter tubular piles.

Turning Plates

Turning plates are fitted to the gearbox of the vibratory hammer to enable it to be turned 90⁰ so that it can operate at minimum width, close to buildings and structures.

Walk Back Device

Enables the Still Worker to ‘walk’ forwards or backwards on installed piles.

Multi Pin Quick Hitch Safety Bracket

Watson & Hillhouse developed an Excavator Mounted Vibrator (EMV) Multi Pin Quick Hitch Safety Bracket which overcomes all the safety issues associated with the previous method of operating on one quick hitch pin.

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