Electric Crawler Cranes

We are really excited to have recently added the PV-E Crane range of electric crawler cranes to our sales range.

Offering our customers the option to contribute to a sustainable solution for emission-free lifting, ensuring a clean and quiet construction site. A complete (eco)system, PV-E Crane makes the transition from diesel to emission-free electricity as easy as possible.

How can we help?

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Crawler Cranes

PV-E Crane – Electric Lattice Crawler Crane

This range of durable and cost-effective submersible dredge pumps can be fitted with various suction heads, resulting in a versatile dredging tool fit for a broad range of tasks.

PV-E Crane – Electric Telescopic Crawler Crane

This range of amphibious excavator is designed for working in marine environments such as water logged grounds, swamps and shallow waterways.

Our benefits to you

Environmentally Aware

We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

Dedicated Support

We have a very experienced team who can deal with all your requirements efficiently and promptly.

Bespoke Configuration

We can configure equipment to suit your requirements.

Fully Maintained

Before each hire all our equipment is subject to rigorous checks and inspections

Modern Equipment

We choose the best in technology and are always updating our equipment to keep a modern and reliable fleet.


Marine Piling

We are able to supply piling equipment for a wide range of marine applications. From small to large scale marine piling projects, we have a piling hammer to suit your requirements.

Plastic Piling

Looking for a compact piling hammer to drive in plastic piles? You’ve come to the right place.