Our large stock of piling plant means that we have the the equipment to suit most types of project. Alternatively, our engineering team are very experienced and can normally assist in finding a bespoke design solution should the need arise.

Pile Extraction

For extracting piles we have a number of options available: vibro extraction via a crane suspended, or excavator mounted, vibrator – or they can be pulled out using the Kowan Still Worker…

Standard Configurations

Overcome common challenges using standard configurations.

Bespoke Solutions

We like working with our customers and we are always helping them to find ways round any piling problems that may arise in the course of a project.

Environmentally Friendly Piling

Our commitment to the environment means that all our machines use bio oil which is biodegradable and non-toxic so, should there be an accident, the risk to wildlife and the landscape is m…

Urban Environments

If you have a building project on a site that is close to other buildings, in a built up area, or perhaps there are listed buildings nearby, it’s important to be able to install piles w…

Transport Infrastructure

Watson & Hillhouse piling equipment is often employed to undertake piling in transport infrastructure works from rail to road and even airports.

Marine Piling

We are able to supply piling equipment for a wide range of marine applications. From small to large scale marine piling projects, we have a piling hammer to suit your requirements.

Plastic Piling

Looking for a compact piling hammer to drive in plastic piles? You’ve come to the right place.