About PVE

PVE is a leading Dutch developer, manufacturer and provider of hydraulic foundation equipment, specialising in vibration technology – a quiet and intrinsically environment-friendly technology. With the goal of developing sustainable solutions.

Established in 1974 they initially hired out vibratory hammers to foundation contractors. However, after years of maintenance and rental of other brands, in 1989, they decided they wanted to build better machines using all the knowledge that had been gained during that initial operation. Thus, PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment was founded.


PVE – Crane Suspended Vibrators – Standard Frequency Vibrators

Dieseko PVE standard frequency vibratory hammers are powerful, heavy duty hammers that work at high amplitudes making them particularly effective at installing and extracting a wide range of pile types…

PVE – Crane Suspended Vibrators – High Frequency Vibrators with Variable Moment

The Dieseko PVE Vibratory Hammer is a robust and adaptable piling hammer.  The Variable Moment (VM) models employ manual or automatically adjustable eccentrics that allow the machine to accelerate to…

PVE – Hydraulic Impact Hammers (NL)

The PVE NL range of piling hammers are designed for driving precast and cast in-situ concrete piles, casing piles and sheet piles into cohesive soils, very dense granular soils and rock (depending on strength).

PVE – Resonator

Built based on resonance technique. The Resonator has a high frequency piston cylinder arrangement, that operates at between 100 and 180 Hz (6000 to 10000 rpm) and has no eccentric…