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Built based on resonance technique. The Resonator has a high frequency piston cylinder arrangement, that operates at between 100 and 180 Hz (6000 to 10000 rpm) and has no eccentric mass. The sonic frequency causes the steel to resonate, which makes the pile act like a spring that drives itself, without any vibration. This zero vibration solution is very suitable for delicate applications such as inner city foundation projects.

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Hydraulic Power (kN/hp)260/375
Frequency (Hz)40-180
Max. Amplitude (mm)3-8
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Hydraulic Power (kN/hp)430/575
Frequency (Hz)40-180
Max. Amplitude (mm)3-8
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Available to rent?Yes
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Specification Table

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Technical Specifications
Hydraulic Power (kN/hp)260/375430/575
Frequency (Hz)40-18040-180
Max. Amplitude (mm)3-83-8
Max. Pull Down (kN)200200
Max. Static Line-Pull (kN)200200
Hydraulic Pressure (bar)310310
Max. Oil Flow (l/min)410700
Total Weight Excl. Clamp & Hoses (kg)37506800
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Further Info

  • Unique technology
  • High production speeds
  • Comparatively light and compact

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About PVE

PVE is a leading Dutch developer, manufacturer and provider of hydraulic foundation equipment, specialising in vibration technology – a quiet and intrinsically environment-friendly technology. With the goal of developing sustainable solutions.

Established in 1974 they initially hired out vibratory hammers to foundation contractors. However, after years of maintenance and rental of other brands, in 1989, they decided they wanted to build better machines using all the knowledge that had been gained during that initial operation. Thus, PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment was founded.