Transport Infrastructure

Watson & Hillhouse piling equipment is often used for piling in transport infrastructure works for rail, road and airports.

Piles are often used to stabilise railway embankments and the best equipment to use to drive the piles in these circumstances is the Kowan Still Worker since it uses reactionary force to press the piles in rather than a hammer or vibratory hammer action which could damage the integrity of the embankment.

Our equipment has been used on many major road building and expansion projects to construct abutments, retaining walls and embankments – again the Kowan Still Worker is great when working on slopes since it causes no potentially damaging vibrations. However, other piling equipment can be used when there is no danger of affecting the integrity of embankments such as crane suspended vibratory hammers or hydraulic drop hammers.

Last but not least, our crane suspended vibratory hammers have been used for Airport foundations in various parts of the UK.

Case Studies

Case Study: M25 Widening

The widening of the M25, mostly in the northern section, in order to create better traffic flow with improved access to East London, Essex and Dartford necessitated the use of our hydraulic drop hammers. Piles were driven initially using a rig and then back driven with one of our CX60 hydraulic hammers, the earth in front of the piles was then removed and the road could then be widened to four lanes.

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