Environmentally Friendly Piling

Our commitment to the environment means that all our machines use bio oil which is biodegradable and non-toxic so, should there be an accident, the risk to wildlife and the landscape is minimal.
In addition to using environmentally friendly bio-oil, all our hoses are fitted with hose protection to minimise the risk levels of a hydraulic hose leakage in the first place.

For those projects undertaken in environmentally sensitive areas where noise and vibration levels must be kept to a minimum. Our range of Variable Moment and Resonance Free vibratory hammers work in such a way that noise and vibration levels are reduced or the Kowan Still Worker will do the job with virtually no noise and vibrations by pressing the piles into the ground.

Kowan – Pile Press – Still Worker

This state-of-the-art, silent pile press enables piles to be installed and extracted in highly sensitive locations; they are compact in size so are also ideally suited to height restricted sites.

PVE High Frequency with Variable Moment

The Dieseko PVE Vibratory Hammer is a robust and adaptable piling hammer. The Variable Moment (VM) models employ manual or automatically adjustable eccentrics that allow the machine to accelerate to maximum speed before vibrating begins.

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