Marine Piling

We are able to supply piling equipment for a wide range of marine applications. From small to large scale marine piling projects, we have a piling hammer to suit your requirements.

Adaptable and efficient piling equipment


For all types of marine piling:

For inland waterways, and works such as bank protection or retaining walls, an excavator mounted vibrator can often be used since they are adaptable and efficient piling hammers that can cope with most soils.

For ports, harbours, quays and other coastal work on sea walls, coastal defence, flood alleviation and other larger scale operations there are several options available: a crane suspended vibratory hammer, pile press or a hydraulic hammer – the environment/ground conditions dictates which solution would be suitable.

For offshore piling, for example installing large diameter tubular piles, the crane suspended vibratory hammers or hydraulic hammers are ideal.

Case Study: Portsmouth

This challenging project involved preserving the only surviving submarine built for service in the Far East during World War II. Firstly, the site had to be cleared of existing structures and then a sheet pile cofferdam had to be constructed which was to be backfilled to offer visitors a new perspective of the vessel.

A PVE 2316 High Frequency Variable Moment vibratory hammer was used initially with a box pile clamp to extract the existing timber piles. It was then used to install and partially drive the sheet piles. There were concerns that vibration could cause settlement in the concrete support cradles, especially since the piles were in close proximity, so a Kowan Still Worker ZU-100 was used for the final drive to press the piles without vibration.

Case Study: Felixstowe

This project involved one of our recent investments in large hydraulic hammers to assist in the construction of a 190m long, deep water extension at the port of Felixstowe. The area was initially dredged then a vibratory hammer was used to pre-install 2.56m (OD) tube piles with a final drive undertaken by the new CG240. The area behind will then be back filled to finish the project enabling the port greater flexibility in berthing the world’s largest container ships.

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