About Woltman

Woltman is a well-respected Dutch manufacturer founded in 1989 providing a wealth of experience in producing piling and drilling rigs that are specifically designed for piling works and ground improvement. They became part of the Dieseko Group in 2016.

Their specialist knowledge in foundation equipment has resulted in state-of-the-art rigs which are sophisticated and yet easy to operate in restricted and urban surroundings. The rigs are available in many different versions and can be customised to the customer’s needs if required.


Woltman – Piling Rigs

Woltman piling rigs come in a variety of sizes making them suitable for a wide range of piling projects. From the compact design to large rigs with leader lengths exceeding 50 metres!

Woltman – PDS Piling Rigs

Woltman PDS Piling Rigs are perfect for use in projects where pile driving and heavy lifting may be combined – specifically offshore works for which they can be operated from a pontoon, barge or jack-up barge.

Woltman – Drilling Rigs

Woltman drilling rigs are driven by powerful engines and this, combined with a specially designed hydraulic system to power a rotary head directly, means there is no need for a separate…