FORS accreditation awarded

15 July 2014

The aim of the scheme was to create just one scheme that encompassed all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions.  In so doing this would improve fleet activity specifically in London but also throughout the UK and beyond making the UK’s roads safer, cleaner and less congested.

At Watson & Hillhouse we have become increasingly aware of the needs of our customers’ to comply with legislative and ethical obligations.  Accreditation provides us with the tools to assist you in reaching those obligations whilst we get safer, greener and more efficient.

In order to obtain accreditation we had to demonstrate that we had the policies, procedures and systems in place to meet the criteria laid out by the FORS requirements.  This was then assessed by an independent FORS assessor on a visit to our Head Office in Ipswich.

All vehicles and drivers from both our depots are now FORS compliant and will be subject to an annual audit.