Dolly pile on the back of a lorry.


8 July 2021

We are always happy to work with our customers to solve any piling problems they may have. We recently worked with two customers to design and build bespoke dolly piles.

One customer needed to install a combi wall made of 1220mm o/d king piles and AZ infill sheet piles to create a cofferdam. This wall was being installed below an existing beam and to get past it, we advised on methodology and designed and fabricated special dolly piles. A PVE 24VM vibratory hammer was used to pre-drive the sheet and tubular piles and one of our BSP CX hydraulic drop hammers undertook the back driving. Once the piles were driven to beam level, the dolly piles were used to drive past the beam to formation level.

We were approached for another project to assist in the design and build of a dolly pile for cofferdam construction. The gate system being used had top and bottom gates, and the use of the dolly pile allowed the bottom gate to stay in place until the piles had reached their full installation depth. The tube piles were pitched, a vibratory hammer used to pre drive, then a hydraulic hammer was used to back drive all the piles to top gate level. The sheet piles were then installed in the same way, and the top gate stripped. The tube piles then had to be driven down to finished level without fouling the sheet pile and vice versa. We constructed one of the biggest dolly piles we’ve ever fabricated at 6m long for the tubes as well as a special dolly pile for the sheets so that they could be driven to the level of the tubes.