Hydraulic Hammer with acoustic shrouding to reduce noise for work in a noise sensitive area

Problem – Piling in noise sensitive area

5 July 2024

When Sheet Piling UK came to us with a problem, we worked with them to find a solution.

Their project involved installing sheet piles into a residential area in West London. Because of the sensitive area within an inner-city location, it was important to find a way to reduce the noise levels of Sheet Piling’s BSP CX85 hydraulic hammer. Having worked to solve similar issues before for our own hammers, we knew that acoustic shrouding could drastically reduce the impact of the noise on this site. Working on a bespoke solution as a retrofit, we were able to install and test it in our yard in Ipswich, before the hammer went to site. The acoustic shrouding did a great job, and decibels were reduced by 10dB.

Sheet Piling UK were able to demonstrate the reduction in decibels when measured 15m from the hammer.