Coming Soon: Woltman 55DR CFA rig - Available Now: Kowan Still Worker WP-150, an ICE 328B and ICE 815C vibratory hammers.

The Woltman 55DR CFA rig, with a 250 kNm torque rotary will be delivered at the end of May ready for hire from the beginning of June.

The Still Worker is the 28th WP-150 virtually silent and vibration free pile press we have imported into the UK and their specification has moved on considerably.  This latest acquisition is equipped with new Kowan press-in computer monitoring system, data logger system, machine protection system and water jetter synchronisation.  The WP-150 is available to hire now.

Our ICE 328B excavator mounted vibratory (EMV) hammer is another new addition to the hire fleet and the 2nd ICE EMV in our fleet.  They are compact, lightweight and high frequency making them suitable for urban environments.

The final addition, an ICE 815C standard frequency vibratory hammer, is a robust pile driver that can deal with cohesive soils with relative ease and this has already been out on various hires from ports to roads.