Jack Up Barge in Sea

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Boats?!

9 July 2024

It’s of paramount importance to us that our equipment is kept in the best possible condition. For this reason, we maintain and service our plant both in our depots and on-site, even when it’s on a long-term hire.  Recently, this meant that one of our site engineers had to go to sea to board Fugro’s jack-up barge ”Seafox 7” to service an ICE815C Crane Suspended Vibratory Hammer. The project was based offshore of Holyhead, Wales and once our site engineer was briefed and had the correct PPE, he was off do his job.

This ICE815C was utilised for offshore wind farm foundations around the Irish Sea. These standard frequency/high amplitude hammers are suited to installing and extracting a wide range of pile types and sections in cohesive soils at sites where vibrations and noise are not an issue.