About Bell

Bell Dredging Pumps is a Dutch manufacturer with a reputation for providing durable, powerful, and adaptable dredging equipment to the marine civils industry.

Their field of expertise is largely focussed on amphibious excavators, cutter suction dredgers, heavy-duty dredge pumps, special dredge tools and process and production instrumentation. They have a network of dealers worldwide with over 45 and service hubs worldwide – of which Watson & Hillhouse is one.

They also have a complete rental fleet which we can tap into with our full support package.


Bell Dredging Pumps

This range of durable and cost-effective submersible dredge pumps can be fitted with various suction heads, resulting in a versatile dredging tool fit for a broad range of tasks.

Bell Amphibious Excavators

This range of amphibious excavator is designed for working in marine environments such as water logged grounds, swamps and shallow waterways.